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5 The Vampire Diaries
The Mortal Instruments


1 Burlesque
1 Pride & Prejudice
1 The Vampire Diaries
1 The Mortal Instruments


1 Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams
1 Heathe Ledger & Julia Stiles
4 Vampire Academy (Dimitri & Rose)
2 The Mortal Instruments (Jace & Clary)

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Emily Browning 20in20 Icons || Round One

Made for the ebrowning20in20 Round 1 challenge. Twenty icons doesn't look like much but wow, I thought I'd never finish these! This is my first time to enter a 20in20 challenge so feedback at my graphic's journal is greatly appreciated!

(20) Emily Browning Icons 
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epic fanfic promotion time!

Since I beta'd most of this baby, I am proud to tell you that this is one of the best Jacob and Bella fanfics out there. My sister has one of the best writing styles I've ever read and her humor/romance/angst in this story is so freakin' epic. She couldn't have written a better ending to Jacob and Bella's story. I highly recommend reading "Spindle Tree". I adore this fanfiction so much. If you love Jacob and Bella and appreciate canon/believable plotlines, then you will love this fanfic (to itty bitty pieces), too. This is how it SHOULD have ended for these two. So now I shall do the pimping of my awesome sister's story... Go forth and read it and leave lots of awesome comments!

Title: Spindle Tree
Author: [info]mintenergy 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some Language. Some sexual content. Character death. Some Edward/Bella in initial chapters to respect canon.
Pairing: Jacob/Bella
Time Period: Post-Eclipse
Genre: Angst. Romance. Humor.
Status: Complete
Category: Multi-Chapter
Points of VIew: Bella/ Jacob
Summary: Inspired by the life of someone she loves, Bella ultimately makes the difficult choices that will lead her to the life she herself was originally meant to live. 

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Sunlit_Daily (for fans of harry & ginny)

  sunlit_daily  sunlit_daily 

A daily community dedicated to fans of Harry Potter and Ginevra Weasley.
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After many, many weeks/days/hours of labor, I am finally ready to announce that my Harry and Ginny Daily community is up and running! You have no idea how excited I am. I've wanted to make a daily comm for this pairing for sooooo long, and now I have. So please go and join if you love Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and feel free to promote the comm anywhere you can! I'm so glad the hard part is over... now I need to get some members interested in joining and then I can start posting. :)